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Fourth of July Recipes are used especially on the 4th of July and can be used throughout the Summer time. Because, Fourth of July was the Memorial Day of the American Independence, hence it is but expected for a great nation such as the United States of America to celebrate this festive day with parades, fireworks and picnics. Celebration of the American Independence is usually made outdoors under the scorching summer weather. Because, this was a good tip to keep the hot foods as hot and the cold foods as cold. As families and friends begin making plans to gather together and celebrate this favourite summer holiday, they start filling their menus with Fourth of July recipes.

Nationalistic theme:

Many assert that the fourth of July is typically a mix of colours namely:
Red, Blue and White.

These significant colours are also applied in food preparation to give a nationalistic theme to it. With a touch of outdoor flavours, the Fourth of July recipes are always going to be a part of this festivity.

The Main Elements in 4th of July Recipes:

The cook must gather these elements namely, safe food preparation, proper transportation of foods to their respective destinations and the appropriate storage of foods.

For culinary fireworks, the best way to work red, white and blue foods into your plan is on the dessert menu. Cakes and cupcakes topped with colourful frosting or mini flags are great ways to get into the holiday spirit. If it is too hot to bake, try a cool mix of red and blue fruits and berries topped with fluffy whipped cream.

Guidelines for 4th of July Cold Recipes:

There are other more specific guidelines for the Fourth of July recipes. Some of them were given as follows:

Limit the opening of your coolers so as to prevent rapid evacuation of cool air. The best way to achieve this is to think wisely what or when to get something from the cooler so as to minimize the frequency of opening it.

Place water next to the ice in the cooler so as to lengthen the cooling effect of the ice. It is advisable to place foods in the cooler in water-tight containers.

The foods that are to be placed inside the cooler is best if it is cooled first because placing warm or hot foods inside the cooler can decrease its total storage time.

If you have a picnic far away from home and obviously far from your refrigerators, it is wise to bring extra ice to meet this need.

The term KISS is widely used for food preparation and this principle applies to Fourth of July recipes. It has a literal meaning of - Keep It Simple, Silly.  So, try you best to keep things simple and enjoy your 4th of July holiday.

Make kids preference:

If yours is going to be a family affair then take the kids' preferences into consideration. Most kids love fish sticks. Your guests including the little ones will have a great time building their fish tacos. If you're not sure everyone will like fish, grill some boneless chicken breasts as an alternative. Grilled fruit kabobs make a great dessert for both children and adults.

Whether you're planning a picnic, a camping trip, or just hanging around outdoors with a backyard full of kids, your little guests will be happy with your recipes.

I have put together some simple and delicious summer treats in an e-book to make it easy for you to enjoy Independence Day.  With this book of recipes, you'll have everybody eating, drinking, and enjoying themselves in no time at all.

Your friend and family members will remember this July 4th holiday for years to come!  For more information about great 4th of July Recipes, I invite you to take a look at what I have put together in this e-book.  Visit:  www.fourthjulyrecipes.com.

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4th of July Recipes

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